Personal Quotes

A list with some personal quotes that I will update from time to time… these are based on my life experiences, my feelings at the date I wrote it, the way I see the world at certain times.

  • “We are all connected, we just don’t know how!”
  • “Live for the present, but learn about past and future.”
  • “Never bash around young generations, they will pay your pension.”
  • “Be 99% modest and 1% ego maniac”
  • “Be 1% SMART and 99% STUPID”
  • “Know yourself and you might know everything”
  • “Don’t force your stupidity into people, give them the knowledge and let them decide”
  • “Fight for your goals, but don’t fight against people”
  • “The more you say NO the harder will be to find the YES”
  • “Money aren’t the eyes of devil as long as you know how to use it”
  • “Are you rich and depressive? Experiment how to be poor and happy!”
  • “Jesus might have had bipolar disorder, but he changed the world, that’s why HE deserve to always be remembered as the SON OF GOD”
  • “All is actually GOOD, our mind make it to look BAD”
  • “Evil and Goodness are actually brothers”
  • “Jail can’t change all the people, but LOVE can do it”
  • “You don’t have to LOVE an evil mind but you have to understand it”
  • “No matter how much you suffer, there is another person on the planet that suffers more”
  • “Edward Snowden is a terrorist for some and a HERO for others, how mind blowing is this fact?”
  • “Pocahontas would have been nothing without John Smith and vice versa”
  • “Michael Jackson loved us all but we failed to give him love, we actually killed him with our hate”
  • “John Lennon give us LOVE we gave him a bullet”
  • “John Connor is not that sci-fi as he looks”
  • “Neo is in all of us, but we are too blind to see him”
  • “If there will be wars, it will be between people, not between people and machine”
  • “I trust all Religions, but it will become obsolete”
  • “I trust Science but it’s way behind my time”
  • “I trust Doctors but they often tend to harm me”
  • “I trust people but many don’t trust me”
  • “There will be a time when a bacteria will not be able to kill us anymore, because we will be able to live in harmony with it”
  • “If GOD doesn’t exist, why do we attempt to become like him?”
  • “If we don’t like to interfere in animal world, why do you think GOD will interfere in your world?”
  • “We are not destroying the planet, we destroy the INNER US”
  • “A dog is honest while most people aren’t”
  • “The Illuminati has a cruel label, but they like it, same for Freemasons and so on”
  • “No one is hiding the truth, it’s there but you fail to see it”
  • “My English is bad, but I feel there is a purpose for that”
  • “If someone will tell you the truth, you will tell him that he’s crazy, so why bother?”
  • “Don’t tell me who am I, ask yourself who you are”
  • “We all plagiarize but we don’t realize it”
  • “Religion often have something against Evolution, dunno why”
  • “Clothes are important but we often forget that we come and go naked”
  • “Prophets do exist, but time is relative, said Einstein”
  • “I will shake your world in a positive way, as long as you don’t shake mine in a negative way”
  • “Bipolarity is a GIFT, but society label it as a disorder”
  • “You can’t buy wisdom”
  • “When I’ll face Death, I’ll give her a white robe and a red rose”
  • “We have the theory of relativity, but what about the theory of absolute?”
  • “Who created the Universe? Who created the particles accelerator?”
  • “What if everything was already created?”
  • “To solve the puzzle of the universe you have to solve the puzzle of yourself first”
  • “Computers are not harming your eyes or your back, you are doing it”
  • “I prefer to live 50 years with 18 hours per day enjoying life! Why living 100 years with regrets?”
  • “Immortality was promised and it will come when we will be ready”
  • “Past, present, future are all one side of the same coin”
  • “Don’t find yourself in my words, find yourself in your words”
  • “I’ll believe when I see, it should sound – I believe till I stop seeing and start feeling”
  • “Mind can trick us, but for the Heart is impossible”
  • “My Liberty is not your Liberty”
  • “Where there is a PATTERN there is a TRUTH!”
  • “I love all, but me, not yet!”

To be continued…



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