My Epiphany

Hello everyone, as I said in About Me page, on the date of 30.03.2013 I entered without intention into a deep trance, hyper-mania combined with depression, I couldn’t sleep properly for 7 days, maximum 2 hours per day sleeping, in the rest writing like a maniac what my mind saw, with a fear that if I don’t write I will forget what my mind was telling me.

On 6 April 2013 Saturday I finished what I wanted to write and I felt very good that I managed to finish my task. In that day I was writing around 10 pages that was more or less a resume of my epiphany.

During 7 days my forehead, my brain was pumping like a heart, pulsations doctor said, but beside this I also felt all the time like an “AURA” around my head.. like a field of energy and probably this was one of the reason I went a bit too much into Religion side of things even if I was an Agnostic my entire life.

I was trying to explain to the doctors what I was feeling.. I told them that I feel like a modern John the Baptist, but I am not like him.. me I am just me.. simple as that.. but doctors interpreted literally thinking that I’m depersonalizing myself.. not only that.. but I was also blackmailed to sign for the treatment.. basically I sold myself for cigarette. Anyway I got over this event of my life, I have forgiven all those post-communist doctors and assistants and I even thank them for the way they treat me. This is reality in Romania of 2013, unfortunately. Pills and strong injections first, even if from my side there was no physical violence involved, no suicidal thoughts, just sharing my mind transparently… The Doctor and Assistants preferred to avoid to much talking with me thinking that I am a “crazy” person.

During those 7 days of insomnia, my mind realize that the Adult Industry can save Romania from economical crisis if the politicians will have eyes to see the opportunity and ears to hear and make better regulations for these type of activities..Legalize prostitution same like it is in Germany and Holland and to make better laws for Video Chat activity. I’ve written a lot of pages related to this concept.. but than I felt real bad.. instead of feeling good.. basically my mind was trying to say that I can do even better than that..

I tried to sleep, no chance, it was a very very deep depression state, even in those 1-2 hours of sleep I was dreaming about “saving Romania” concept.

On 6 April my mind made the connection with Cybernetic Immortality based on my life experience with thousands of people from a various domains of activity. At that time I didn’t knew that also scientists are looking into this for a long time and some people even started project in that direction. These facts I discovered later. I also realized that Mind Uploading may be possible during my life and this was the moment when my enthusiasm was amplified maybe 10 times more in comparison with a regular human due to my Bipolar Disorder .. on 6 April 2013 I’ve started to write like a maniac a Message to the World, a message of Peace and Love, but I didn’t published because my instinct was telling me that I might not be right and so on.

To be continued…



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