Hello everyone, I let a bit my EGO speak for me without trying to control it, I hope you will manage to see the artistic side of things… Thank you.

I’m the supreme contradiction, I’m standing at the barrier of Absolute and Relative, I often cross the borders but no one see me or feel me. I love both Evolution and Religion but it seems they don’t LOVE each other. I love Modernism and Traditionalism but again they don’t love each other in many countries of this planet. I’m at the border between PAST and FUTURE, I cross this border often, I travel with my mind millions of years back into the past and millions of years into the FUTURE while keeping my feet strongly in the PRESENT. I’m open-minded and conservator in the same time. I understand everything but just a few understand me. I’m dependent on computers but the computer can not win because I am also dependent on the beauty of LIFE, NATURE, UNIVERSE. I trust all people that at some point they will do the proper things, but it seems many don’t trust each other. People see me as an IDEALISTIC PERSON, Romantic, Lunatic.. but they fail to see the essence of my words.

I can’t believe how stupid I was all these years, but how many do wake up at 33 years old? When I see a 12 years old kid that is building functional robots in 2 weeks, I feel myself very retarded and I push my limits even more. I understand all the genius minds, but I often fail to understand myself. I look in the mirror daily and I am proud, but next day i have regrets.. what if I was too proud? I can sacrifice everything for a better world, but what about my family, my friends? I can dream with the eyes open, I can stay without sleep for many days in a raw, but what about my health? I can write thousands of pages very fast.. but what about my lungs? I can be whoever I want to be, but when it will be possible to be fully ME? I need to find time to paint, to write poetry, to write books, but the life is damn short, and with my actions I make it even shorter… You forgot to “fly”, I “fly” daily with my mind.. and I also find time to work, to have sex, to visit my family and friends, to help strangers… why I can do all these and others can’t.. Why do I feel alone even if I am surrounded by so many beautiful people? Why I am so sensitive and so explosive in the same time.. Why everything I program with my mind is actually happening, where is the FREE CHOICE? When I will stop programming and LIVE my LIFE? Shinead why did you tried to take your life on your 33-years old birthday, when life is so beautiful? Jesus why you let yourself be killed by your own kind? John Lennon why you didn’t shut your mouth? Che what was in your mind? Leonardo why you started to draw airplanes at 33 years old? Steve why that quote? Michelangelo why you started to paint your most important artwork at 33 years old? Buddha what you did at 33 years old? Petamenophis why Tomb 33? Freemasons why 33 levels? I know why… but when you will understand why? Stop being lazy and take action, positive action, stop saying NO and say YES I CAN… Start finding your answers because trust me when I say that there are right in front of your eyes, but you fail to see it on a daily basis, same like I did for many years. Stop fighting with violence, fight with love, empathy, communication, education. I can live in the forest, I can live in the trees, I can live in a big palace or in a small house, I don’t care, but that means I will be ALONE and I don’t want that.

More and more people are waking UP, I wonder what will happen after that? There will be room for all of us in the Lunatic People Institutions? You fool yourself daily with stupid motivations but when life itself will hit you and the others are COLD AS ICE, how will you feel? You watch your borders but hundreds of years ago you had no problems killing all those people that were born on that land.. for how long? You try to force the education into Tibetans when you should force their education into you… for how long? Why we let Africans kill each other, but we have no problems interfering in Afghanistan, Syria, and so on? When we will give them the choice.. stay there or come near us, work with us, love as us? Who are we to take over this planet? Who? Where is the Love? Where? Money, Money, Money… is that nice? I have no problems with the Money, but when we will start to use these Money in a better way? Why people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and many others like them… can do it.. and we can’t. Why so many FEARS? Stop seeing ghosts, ufo’s, conspiracy theories, apocalypse, hell and so on.. and start seeing the beauty of this LIFE…Once your mind is free you will not seek anymore for the TRUTH, because you FEEL the truth and everything you will read from that point on will just confirm that TRUTH. I’m in the PURGATORY and I feel the flames, but I can’t be harmed, the only one that can really harm me.. is myself and I have plans to stop soon hurting my own feelings because 96% of world population are ignorant and superficial. Sooner or later I will stop drawing drama into me. From 15 April 2014, when I will get over 33 years old, I will start to live my life my way and no one will be able anymore to dictate me what I have to do.. as long as I don’t chase you on the streets, as long as I don’t enforce in you my concepts of a good life, you should do the same with me.

I love you all.



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