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The advantages of cybernetic immortality – Eutopia? or Reality?


Hello everyone,

I will start my topic by saying that this is not something new, nor my theory, it is something that many scientists, philosophers and even spiritual leaders are looking into it as we speak.
I’ve read first time about it in a newspaper article around 13 years ago or so, some British scientists telling that it might be possible in 50 years.. at that time it sounded so out of the ordinary that I ignore it and forgot about it, but I was left with this memory.. that pop up numerous times during last years, either in movies, scientific researches, books, spirituality etc

In present this technology in known under names like: Brain mapping, Mind Uploading
For reference:
Brain Mapping
Mind Uploading

There are also people like Dmitry Itskov, Russian billionaire that took action in this direction and invested much of his fortune into 2045.com project:


As for myself, I came to the same conclusion, but not directly by science, even if I am pretty good in computer technology, I am not that good to pull something like that from the hat… because my expertise is different.. For years I’ve put a lot of effort into IT industry and also adult entertainment industry.. and I completely ignore my birth talents… arts, poetry, writing, philosophy etc

I’m still not 100% sure, but it looks like I am also some kind of “Psychic”, but not by some paranormal talent, purely by knowledge (observation, information, socialization). It seems I have a memory that is above average, also I have huge imagination but I’m always able to keep my feet on the ground in REAL LIFE.. I also have some inclination to arts, spirituality, emotions, psychology, numerology… but I was superficial about my inclinations so just since few months ago I took more time to learn more about what I like.

From a psychiatric point of view, I might have what they call bi-polar disorder.

One of my characteristics is that I’m trying to be POSITIVE all the time, and even if sometimes is hard, I never gave up on this aspect.. also from a small child I had this ability to be able to put myself in someone else shoes and try to see the world through his eyes, before taking any action.

I always considered myself like an “average Joe”, a man without education, sensitive, emotional in a positive way, working very hard to make his way on this life… at times I saw myself as RETARDED… because very simple things that others can figure it out in 1 second, for me it took more to understand.. while complex things for me was kind of easy to decode.. for example I was attempting to draw on paper the Universe with Galaxies and so on at around 5-6 years old, being in a communist regime, where we basically had no access to good information..

I have my first memory from 3 years old (4 years without 1 week), which is still very very sharp in my mind. My entire childhood I was trying like a maniac to move objects with my mind, I never succeeded but I don’t know why I kept trying..

I am able when I want too, to amplify emotions at very high levels, such high levels that actually it makes my body “numb” so to say, but I can still feel everything and be functional.. is a very strange sensation that I can’t explain in words… is more intensive than LOVE for example..

The only problem here that I can amplify any type of emotions including the negative ones, but as most of the times I manage to keep my POSITIVITY, fortunately I don’t have many negative thoughts.

In my life, my job, I traveled in many different countries and I spoke with thousands of different people having different mentalities, culture, religion, education, personalities etc..

In my job I was often able to anticipate future progress based on information and knowing very well the people involved in a industry or another.

Without intention I think I became like an institute of statistics based on human psychology and emotions, and so far it looks like the margin of errors is not that high.

This year on 30.03.2013 as I was close to 33 years old, some strange event happened in my life, was like my brain started to beat like a heart, like was processing a lot of information, very very strange feeling.. that kept me without proper sleeping for around 7 days (I was sleeping 1-2 hours per day, wake up, writing tons of emotional profound things on the paper)…

What happened after that is again a long story, so too keep it short.. when I am on that deep state of mind, amplifying emotions, I write some things that I wouldn’t normally be able to write when I am relaxed…

What I’ve written in that week of insomnia and especially on 6 April 2013, is very close to Dmitry Itskov and his Team ideology with the only difference that I got also a huge spiritual faith and I really believe that cybernetic immortality is just a step in evolution, it will not mean 100% soul purification.. a thing that before this event it was impossible for me to believe in.. as I totally ignored in my life aspects like: religion, spirituality, numerology, paranormal, special abilities etc… and even today I have doubts till some point but I am not anymore so ignorant and superficial related to these aspects. I was more or less a convinced agnostic.

I am tempted to say that I had some kind of revelation, higher conscious, awakening, but I want to stay with my legs firmly on the ground, the most I could say is that my mind is capable to do some type of connections that it wasn’t capable before.

One of these connections that I’ve made was related to cybernetic immortality, based on what I know about computers, world situation, human psychology etc..for me is a very logical upcoming.. The only thing that I don’t know if will happen this century or later.

I was very enthusiastic about this connection, but when I started to research I discovered is not something new and even that there are young people like Dmitry that started some years before my so called revelation… so I chill out

In my research after the date of 30.03.2013, I found also a lot of strange but very interesting things related to spirituality, numerology, human emotions and psychology etc.. I had to research because for me 30+3=33, 20+13=33, my age 33 .. plus the strange event.. so I couldn’t saw it anymore as merely coincidence… and my options were to start take pills or to fight with these amplified emotions and find an explanation that will keep me on the right track. I found my answers so let’s get back to Advantages of being cybernetic immortal.

When we will be able to transfer our mind in the cybernetic world, the human biological body will become obsolete, here are some of the elementary things that we won’t need anymore:

  • sleep, water, food, oxygen – only from these 4 things the implications and ramifications are enormous… time become relative, no more being a parasite for the planet, we don’t need anymore to kill animals and plants for food etc..
  • our mind can be in multiple places in the same time (one can work, the other have fun, the other have sex, the other enjoy the nature etc).
  • we can start to really discover the universe and this planet
  • we can run on solar energy till we find other sources of Energy
  • we can choose, which Earth specie is next inline to acquire consciousness and take action into modifying only 1 chromosome. That should do it in long term
  • we can keep an eye closely, from outer space, on that specie and protect the Earth as we can to not be destroyed by some asteroid…
  • we can leave them a sort of instructions, so they would have a guide to follow and so on. We will probably debate a lot on the matter.. some will say that we should interfere some others will say that we should not as we already know the upcoming.
  • we will have a lot of “time” to learn from our mistakes and improve our ways
  • we will have the opportunity to let the planet HEAL
  • we will have the opportunity to bring back to life species, that disappeared or were extincted by us
  • each and every one of us can create his own virtual world in the way he find it suitable for his way .. be himself a CREATOR of any type he wants.. some that are eager after LOVE will create an EDEN of his choice.. some that are eager to HATE will create a HELL of their choice… some that are hungry after MONEY.. they will probably create a world where money are falling from the SKY… this way any mind becomes beautiful in his own way.. we won’t basically hurt anyone but US in our own virtual reality… as the rest are purely a creation of our mind.
  • We can take any form we want in the real world… after some millenniums of RESEARCH, we can be in a leaf, in a bacteria, in a bird or an olive branch.. it doesn’t matter much
  • We might be even able to bring back to live our dear ones from a cell of DNA or maybe finding the proper frequency or universe to sync with their energy, soul.. etc..
  • We might even be able to create dolphin ghosts and send it to the earth to scare the ass out of real dolphins, just to stimulate their imagination
  • We can even create some sort of UFO’s, secret societies, doom day concept, in order to give the dolphins something more profound to think of and debate on it.

Possibilities are Endless.

Sorry for my poor English grammar and vocabulary.

In your opinion, what are the advantages or disadvantages that you see in such Eutopia?

Best regards, John



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