Erich von Däniken and Chariots of the Gods at 33 years old!

Erich von Daniken

Hello world, today I will speak my mind about Erich von Däniken. I respect this man more than you can imagine, not necessary because his Ancient Aliens theory, but mainly because is a great example on how to fight against all odds, how to blindly believe in yourself, how to create like a heaven around your ideas and how to have a successful life full of positivity. I know very well the debates around this theory, I know that several evidences has been fabricated by Erich, he even admitted so, but there are still too many question marks. What people should understand is that he had the courage to ask the questions, to go even to the ridiculous side of things just to prove that some aspects of this history should be revised by scientists, archeologists and so on.

Erich clearly stated that he has hundreds of question marks in his master piece “Chariots of the Gods?”. Even the title has the question mark in it.. many people don’t understand this.

From my point of view Erich was the winner after all, no matter how much he was bashed around, he found the energy to fight back with POSITIVITY as much as he can.

He also used the millions that he generated to leave something behind him, his words, his ideas, even if were not 100% original ideas.. he was the one that took things to extreme positive, not only with words but also with action, real research, amateur research at that time.. but he became an expert on the way.. without any school just passion.

And of course everything started at 33 years old, a year with a lot of STRESS in Erich life, a combination of NEGATIVITY with POSITIVITY and great desire to finish his work. Any normal human being… would have probably stop there.. but not Erich.. he finished his second best-seller while being in prison, basically the jail gave him the necessary time and peace of mind to improve his theories. Years after “KABOOM”, the dream transformed in reality and after that things were much much easier.. after 45 years we have great Documentaries on History HD, we have communities of amateurs and experts, we have even a thematic park and still many questions around the subject. Maybe more questions than ever. You see what Erich did with his beautiful mind was to transform a mystery into even a bigger mystery, and this can be done only by true Artists. Lucian Blaga is a genius Romanian poet that said in one of his best poems, where he beautifully describe the way he feels about himself and his artwork, something like this “With my light, I don’t destroy (crush) the world’s corolla of wonders, on the contrary I transform it in even more wonders (mysteries)”. This is exactly what Erich von Däniken did and it doesn’t really matter if he is right or not, what it matter is that he managed to make a lot of people happy around him and in the same time he managed to make lots of other people to work more on their scientific research.

Erich might have bipolar disorder and there is a good chance that he doesn’t know about it. I am almost 100% sure that he had some sort of epiphany around 33 years old, same like I had, but he realized that the time was not right for such theories, same like I did, and he presented his work more in an artistic way, basically to make sure that he won’t be killed with stones on the streets, so to say…

As a conclusion Erich deserve all the respect from all of us, for being able to generate a world in a world, in a positive way.

There is also a cycle of 33 in his life, important key points… one in 1968 when he published “Chariots of the Gods?” and another one in 2001 at 66 years old, when he made an important statement that is published also on wikipedia.

Speaking in a 2001 documentary, von Däniken said that although he could not conclusively prove to the scientific community that any of the items in his archive were of alien origin, he felt that “today’s science” would not accept such evidence, as “the time is simply not right”. He argued that it was first necessary to “prepare” mankind for a “wonderful new world”. It is also mentioned that he jumped from Hotel Manager to “expert on the ancient world.”

I also hope to make use of my bipolarity to create something nice for this world. I believe something is happening in human brain at around 33 years old and it looks like is programmed to happen, even if it I might be wrong.. but as I said.. where there is a pattern there is some sort of truth. After I will do my research on several thousands of people, we will see who is right…I also hope that my research will convince psychiatric world to review this condition and find better pills that do not affect bipolar people creativity. I refused the treatment and I will always will, because current treatment makes me be like a human tomato in terms of creativity and this is what many Doctors do not understand. They make bipolars be normal people, but with what sacrifice?

Thank you Mister Erich von Däniken I hope you will have also a third cycle of 33 at 99 years old, if not, don’t worry, I and people like me will take care that your beautiful mind won’t be lost.

Also those that do not suffer of this bipolar disorder it is their responsibility to understand us, because failing to do so…you destroy many of us feelings without even realizing. There are also people with bipolar disorder that take things into the other side.. the BAD side.. and when that is happening trust me that you don’t want to be around to see or feel the explosion of bad feelings, but what you don’t realize yet is that your ignorance and superficiality caused in many cases those emotional explosions.


Here is also a documentary about Chariots of the Gods for those that have no clue about symbolism, synchronicity of this universe and so on.. I will explain.. the video is 1 hour 33 minutes and 13 seconds.. I don’t care if I’m right or not.. but my mind see this like this. 1 represents Erich von Daniken, 33 represents the age when everything started, and 13 is (13 February the day when he was jailed):

I invite UFO researchers world wide and archeologists to look also into this case from Romania:

The date when I published this article is also 11/22/2013 and 11+22=33 and 20+13=33 and I’m also 33 years old 🙂 Crazy or not.. this is beautiful.

Best regards, John



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