33 reasons to visit or invest in Romania

33 reasons to visit Romania

Hello world, many people across the globe don’t even know where Romania is, or how important is Romania in terms of History. Most of you hear only negative news about Romania, about thief especially and so on. What media doesn’t tell you (or extremely rare) is that these people that does stupid things in other countries represent less than 1% of Romanian population, the rest of 99+% being hard working people, kind people as much as they can. Is true that we still have a lot of corruption in the country, tax evasion etc.. but that doesn’t mean we are violent.. Is a strange situation that is hard to find in other countries.. we managed somehow to took things on this kind of way: many of the Romanians have this mentality.. “The system, the politicians trick us.. but we are smarter and we can trick them also”…For every new law that is created to reduce corruption and tax evasion, Romanians manage to find several different ways to trick the new law.
We also have some of the best Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, IT specialists and so on, but we often ignore their talents, treat them with ignorance and very small salaries.. so after some years of fighting with the system.. they decide to leave the country for a better life somewhere else… but many of them after some years outside Romania have this crazy urge to return…

Anyway here are 33 reasons to visit or invest in Romania:

1. We have a human history that is more than 11.000 years old.. anthropological discoveries from Romania can change even the history of human Evolution
2. We have some of the most beautiful women on this planet
3. You can still resolve many things with a small bribe.. not giving it you will be seen as a weirdo and probably it will stay like this for some more years.. Most of Romanian don’t see the bribe as something bad.. they see it more like a TIP to be sure they get a better service. If you plan to invest, make sure you find a good Romanian consultant to be able to get things done faster.. going the normal way.. correct 100% will make you very nervous.. trust me.. I know is very strange.. and wrong.. but this is still reality of 2013.
4. The landscapes are amazing.. we have mountains, hills, rivers, sea, fields etc
5. Lots of old vestiges to visit
6. You can see the past, present and future as you travel from village, to small town to big town… you can even see past, present, future in the same town, like Bucharest for example
7. Prostitution is not legal, but is accepted tacitly
8. Great places for fishing
9. We have very tasty traditional food, lot’s of FATS but tasty and even healthy if you get the real deal from village farmers.
10. We have Vlad Tepes (Dracula) lot’s of things you know are lies, but the myths around him are really interesting and worth to see
11. We have UFO spots.. great places to visit for ufologists, like Bucegi area
12. We still have lots of dogs and cats on the streets but in most of the cases they are civilized, sometimes even more civilized than people.. for example lots of dogs in Bucharest respect the traffic signs.. cross the street on marked places on green color and so on…
13. We have lots of beautiful and smart girls that are usually easy, but keep in mind that most of the easy girls will be wuth an eye on you and with the other eye on your money.
14. Lots of Night Clubs where you can enjoy your time, drink your mind, relax, dance, meet new people, listen to quality music and so on
15. Joints are usually easy to find
16. Police men are usually nice and not aggressive and severe. With older police men with some reminiscences of communism in their mind.. you might have to “tip” them to become more helpful.
17. Doctors are very good, but ask for a private hospital in case of anything, because conditions in regular hospitals sucks.. You could also ask for a private cabin in a regular hospital if they have. Anyway I hope it won’t be the case.
18. Roads are still not so optimal… but are fine more or less… much better in comparison with 20 years ago for example.. Trains have delay so if you want to travel with it.. don’t curse too much.. Anyway is better to rent a car or travel with a coach. Always keep change in your pocket, it’s necessary to escape fast from a beggar, if there are more beggars might be better not to complicate yourself, also watch your pockets. Beggars are not violent but they are insistent.
19. In the recent years lots of Massage Salons were rising especially in big towns. There are many saying that these are a cover up from prostitution, so if you are a nice guy, you might get also a hand job, fellatio and so on, beside the regular massage.
20. Taxi is cheap in comparison with other European Union countries.
21. Make sure you visit Casa Poporului the second biggest administrative building after Pentagon, built on Ceausescu time. You should also know that many Romanians were sacrificed, working like slaves to achieve the Dictator dreams.. In my opinion Ceausescu was not that bad in comparison with other Dictators but as he was uneducated, it was very easy for others to manipulate him in any way they wanted.. These people also probably generated the so called Revolution, killed Ceausescu and his wife fast, to be sure they won’t leak too much info to the people. Anyway I was a kid at Revolution, but I do know that many old people cried after Ceausescu was gone.. and even today many of these people invoke him in a positive way… Seems that people forget easy how many innocent people died on Ceausescu regime.
22. We have interesting traditions, it really worth to experiment these.
23. We have the Danube Delta a UNESCO protected reservation.
24. We have tons of Churches and Monasteries, some are really interesting to visit.. if you are an atheist don’t do the mistake to argue too much with the monks or nuns because you will speak in the wind. They might even “invite” you to leave the place.
25. Several Medieval Towns that also worth to be visited.
26. Relatively cheap houses and apartments especially in smaller towns or villages, in the case you want to buy one to spend some months per year here, when you will be older.
27. Still great place to invest your money, we Romanians often say that is the country of all possibilities, no matter if you are a conservationist or a very open minded person.
28. We have Manele and Gipsy tradition, I know you probably heard a lot of bad things around this subject.. but actually the reality is not that bad as presented world wide. Gipsies are known also for their traditions, their ways to live the life at max, to have fun as often as they can, great handcrafted pieces of art and so on.
29. We have an incredible amount of smart people that can be super assets for foreign companies, especially if you offer also a decent salary. Most of us have strong personality but if you make an effort to explain your ways.. we usually understand after a while.
30. I’m sure you heard about Hagi, Nadia Comaneci, Ilie Nastase, Ion Tiriac and many others.. some of the others I will probably present in this blog, because I don’t like the fact that our great people are not presented to the world at their real value. Justin Capra is a good example…he invented an engine that consume less than 1 liter of gasoline for 100km, more than 40 years ago I think.. he is 80 years now.. he has more than 100 inventions that can be really useful for humanity, but no billionaire seems to be interested..
31. The weather is Temperate, each season has his own special beauty, however it got warmer in comparison with 20-30-50 years ago.
32. Mamaia Black Sea might be a great place to visit in the Summer, carnivals, lot of fun, naked tits, super sexy girls.
33. We have Transfagarasan and Vidraru, don’t trust me, check what Top Gear guys have to say about it

There are many other reasons to visit and to know more about Romania, some useful links from Romanians that speak better English than me you have here:

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Best regards, John



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