Sinéad O’Connor incredible sacrifice at 33 years old

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Hello world, today I will speak my mind about Sinéad O’Connor. From childhood I felt an incredible connection with her, even if I didn’t knew anything about her personal life, but just listening her song “Nothing Compare 2 U”, the music, her face, her eyes, I felt something very very deep, like extreme Love and not in a sexual way. At that time I was a 13-14 years old kid, I couldn’t understand English language, I didn’t knew anything about her, but I really felt deep emotions each and every single time when I heard that song.. like it was written and played with pure heart, with very deep passion.. a piece of her life inside the song.

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Erich von Däniken and Chariots of the Gods at 33 years old!

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Erich von Daniken

Hello world, today I will speak my mind about Erich von Däniken. I respect this man more than you can imagine, not necessary because his Ancient Aliens theory, but mainly because is a great example on how to fight against all odds, how to blindly believe in yourself, how to create like a heaven around your ideas and how to have a successful life full of positivity. I know very well the debates around this theory, I know that several evidences has been fabricated by Erich, he even admitted so, but there are still too many question marks. What people should understand is that he had the courage to ask the questions, to go even to the ridiculous side of things just to prove that some aspects of this history should be revised by scientists, archeologists and so on.

Erich clearly stated that he has hundreds of question marks in his master piece “Chariots of the Gods?”. Even the title has the question mark in it.. many people don’t understand this.

From my point of view Erich was the winner after all, no matter how much he was bashed around, he found the energy to fight back with POSITIVITY as much as he can.

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33 reasons to visit or invest in Romania

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33 reasons to visit Romania

Hello world, many people across the globe don’t even know where Romania is, or how important is Romania in terms of History. Most of you hear only negative news about Romania, about thief especially and so on. What media doesn’t tell you (or extremely rare) is that these people that does stupid things in other countries represent less than 1% of Romanian population, the rest of 99+% being hard working people, kind people as much as they can. Is true that we still have a lot of corruption in the country, tax evasion etc.. but that doesn’t mean we are violent.. Is a strange situation that is hard to find in other countries.. we managed somehow to took things on this kind of way: many of the Romanians have this mentality.. “The system, the politicians trick us.. but we are smarter and we can trick them also”…For every new law that is created to reduce corruption and tax evasion, Romanians manage to find several different ways to trick the new law.
We also have some of the best Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, IT specialists and so on, but we often ignore their talents, treat them with ignorance and very small salaries.. so after some years of fighting with the system.. they decide to leave the country for a better life somewhere else… but many of them after some years outside Romania have this crazy urge to return…

Anyway here are 33 reasons to visit or invest in Romania:

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Roswell, Romania, The Giants and the “magic” cycle of 33

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bucegi sfinx

Hello world, now these are very interesting so called coincidences about 33, many might say that I should take my “pills”, but in a way is not my fault that many people on this planet are “allergic” to knowledge, reading, facts and so on.

I try not to focus a lot on the Roswell incident because is very well documented on media, books, internet and so on. Me I am more interested in people that contributed to knowledge and why do I see 33 everywhere. You can call me crazy or any way you want, but you will see that you can’t deny the facts that I will present you.
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Nikola Tesla secret laboratory and obsession with wireless energy at 33 years old

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nikola tesla photography
nikola tesla photography

Tesla is one of the most important figure of our history, a genius, some of his inventions are still mind blowing even for present.. for example we still have a hard time to transmit energy wireless.. is done but more like experiments not implemented a lot in real life and not at long distances.

Let’s see who Nikola Tesla was:

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Michelangelo Buonarroti was assigned to paint Sistine Chapel ceiling at 33 years old

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Michelangelo Buonarotti portret
Michelangelo Buonarotti portret

Hello world! One of most important work of Michelangelo was the task to paint the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, commissioned to him by Pope Julius II in 1508 when Michelangelo was 33 years old. It took him 4 years, so he finished at 37 years old.

Now from some Christians Religious debates from what I’ve read some say that Jesus was crucified at 33 years old, some others say that was actually at 37 years old.. however we might never know.. but for me this is a very interesting coincidence.

Michelangelo was also a very good friend with Leonardo da Vinci, I wonder also if Michelangelo put hidden messages in his art work, in 4 years he had time to think about that.

So who was Michelangelo Buonarroti?

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