Vissarion, modern Jesus? “Mental Disorder”? or both?

Vissarion image thanks to Davide Monteleone

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Today I will present you Vissarion, on his real name Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop born January 14, 1961

In the psychiatric world he will be a man with a mental disorder and probably doctors would give him pills for life.. at least in my country Romania.. not sure about other countries. Vissarion might have either Bipolar Disorder or Mystical Delirium or both, according to Medicine. For me Vissarion is a MAN that had the courage to follow his dreams and he tried as much as he could to help others find their peaceful life in his dream. His people call him “The Teacher”, in 13 years more than 50.000 people are following his teachings, how beautiful is that? Peace, Harmony, No Money.. they even believe in Aliens, however I do not believe in Apocalyptic scenarios.. Vissarion if he is a Bipolar, he amplifies also the negative emotions and his mind is basically make from a smaller thing a very big one, but than if we look to the reality from various countries… his amplifications are not that sci-fi.. there are still plenty of countries on this planet where Apocalypse is happening as you read my texts.

Vissarion at 33 years old in 1994 according to wikipedia

Vissarion was born in Krasnodar; after service in the Red Army, he settled in Minusinsk. He worked as a patrol officer before losing his job in 1989.[2] He claims that in 1990 he was “reborn” as Vissarion, the returned Jesus Christ. In his system this does not make him God, but instead the word of God. His religion combines elements of the Russian Orthodox Church with Buddhism, apocalypticism, collectivism, and ecological values. His followers observe strict regulations, are vegans,[3] and are allowed no vices such as smoking or drinking alcohol and money is banned.[4][5] The aim of the group is to unite all religions on Earth. Vissarion formed his religion around the time of the fall of the USSR, not by coincidence but because religion became an accepted way of life.[6]

Tiberkul, the settlement in the Taiga, was established in 1994 on a territory of 2.5 square kilometres, and today counts some five thousand inhabitants, largely living autochthonous and on ecological principles. It is centered on the villages of Petropavlovka and Cheremshanka, at ca. 53°53′N 93°45′E. The settlement has a three-tiered structure: the Town itself (Abode of Dawn), the Heavenly Abode, and the Temple Peak.

In October 1995, the religious association of Vissarion officially registered as the “Church of the Last Testament”.

More details you can read on Wikipedia:

Check out also this short documentary, listen at the end of the video to what Vissarion has to say and after that draw your own conclusions:

What you think about these facts?

One more very interesting fact, check out Vissarion birthdate 14 January 1961 and now read this:

Every year, on the night from January 13 to January 14, Russians celebrate the so-called Old New Year – a feast that seems to be totally incomprehensible for many foreigners. Looks like no one is capable to explain in fact – what is the difference between this feast and the traditional New Year, as we know it? Naturally, it would seem a date discrepancy. And still, we tend to treat the old-style New Year as an independent holiday helping us to prolong the joy and pleasure of the winter holidays. And maybe to feel them for the first time over, – since the situations vary, – because that day is far quieter than January 1, which is drowned in hustle and bustle. For many believers the old-style New Year has a very special meaning, since they can only indulge in real celebration after the end of the Advent fast.

Thank you Vissarion.

Best regards, John



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