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Sinéad O’Connor incredible sacrifice at 33 years old

Hello world, today I will speak my mind about Sinéad O’Connor. From childhood I felt an incredible connection with her, even if I didn’t knew anything about her personal life, but just listening her song “Nothing Compare 2 U”, the music, her face, her eyes, I felt something very very deep, like extreme Love and not in a sexual way. At that time I was a 13-14 years old kid, I couldn’t understand English language, I didn’t knew anything about her, but I really felt deep emotions each and every single time when I heard that song.. like it was written and played with pure heart, with very deep passion.. a piece of her life inside the song.

I stood up against my family and friends several times to defend Sinéad, because everyone around me, in my country were making funny jokes about her haircut.. In Romania was very rare at that time to see a bald girl. I’ve said numerous times to my friends not to make bad jokes if they don’t know anything about a person, that she might had have a trauma or more.. that her haircut might be a form of protest etc..

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Christopher Columbus thanks to Romanian wikipedia author unknown

Christopher Columbus found his real destiny at 33 years old?

Hello world! Today I would like to speak my mind a bit, about the genius mind, passion and faith of Christopher Columbus.

According to Romanian version of WikiPedia the name of this amazing navigator can be also translated as Cristobal (the one that has Jesus in him); Colon: that means the Holy Spirit or the Pigeon. These can be an explanation for the signature of Columbus prior to 1492 year, that can be read as Xpo Ferens (The Porter of Christ).

We can read also here a more detailed explanation of Columbus signature:

Me, I’ve learn to look simpler into the things.. from my point of he choose that signature because his first name Christopher starts with “Christ” in many different languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc

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