Roswell, Romania, The Giants and the “magic” cycle of 33

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Hello world, now these are very interesting so called coincidences about 33, many might say that I should take my “pills”, but in a way is not my fault that many people on this planet are “allergic” to knowledge, reading, facts and so on.

I try not to focus a lot on the Roswell incident because is very well documented on media, books, internet and so on. Me I am more interested in people that contributed to knowledge and why do I see 33 everywhere. You can call me crazy or any way you want, but you will see that you can’t deny the facts that I will present you.

According to Wikipedia the Roswell incident occurred in June or July 1947, I see two very important key points in this story… so we read:

The Roswell UFO incident took place in the U.S. in 1947, when an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July, 1947. Explanations of what took place are based on both official and unofficial communications. Although the crash is attributed to a U.S. military surveillance balloon by the U.S. government, the most famous explanation of what occurred is that the object was a spacecraft containing extraterrestrial life. Since the late 1970s, the Roswell incident has been the subject of much controversy, and conspiracy theories have arisen about the event.

And this as well:

The Roswell Incident (1980)

The first book on the Roswell UFO incident was The Roswell Incident (1980) by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. The authors claimed to have interviewed over ninety witnesses. Though he was uncredited, Friedman carried out some research for the book.[15] The Roswell Incident featured accounts of debris described by Marcel as “nothing made on this earth.”[16] Additional accounts by Bill Brazel,[17] son of Mac Brazel, neighbor Floyd Proctor[18] and Walt Whitman Jr.,[19] son of newsman W. E. Whitman who had interviewed Mac Brazel, suggested the material Marcel recovered had super-strength not associated with a weather balloon. The book introduced the contention that debris which was recovered by Marcel at the Foster ranch, visible in photographs showing Marcel posing with the debris, was substituted for debris from a weather device as part of a cover-up.[20][21] The book also claimed that the debris recovered from the ranch was not permitted a close inspection by the press. The efforts by the military were described as being intended to discredit and “counteract the growing hysteria towards flying saucers”.[22] Two accounts[23] of witness intimidation were included in the book, including the incarceration of Mac Brazel.[24]

Now I ask myself.. who was Charles Berlitz? And we read..

Charles Frambach Berlitz (November 22, 1914 – December 18, 2003) was an American linguist and language teacher[1] known for his books on paranormal phenomena, as well as his language-learning courses.

Nothing special so far from regular people point of view.. but when you start to do the simple MATH things gets very interesting…

Charles Berlitz date of birth.. 11/22/1914… 11+22=33 19+14=33 also he was 33 years old when Roswell incident occurred. Why he started to research like a maniac around that event? Do you think was purely coincidence? Was not…

In 1980 exactly 33 years after the Roswell incident Charles Berlitz together with William Moore published their research in the book The Roswell Incident.

Also in 1980 was the year when I was born 33km away (air distance) from the Energetic Spot of Bucegi Romania that people say it might was an Alien Base, Giant Humanoids… which was discovered in 2003 when Charles Berlitz died at the venerable age of 89 years old. The discovery from Romania, started to be documented more deep after 2003, so in 2013… when I’m 33 years old..there is a lot of information about this discovery that could change again everything we know about our EVOLUTION. Every time I go near or around my birth place I feel incredible energy.. healing.. whatever you want… is like my batteries are recharging. I traveled in many beautiful countries of this planet.. but no matter where I go.. there is always something that call me back to my home town.. so far I thought is related to my memories, my childhood, family, friends etc.. but what if it is something more? Why my grandmother house number is 33?

Trust me when I say that I want also to be only coincidences… but how many?

Personally I invite you all to visit Romania and the Mountains of Bucegi, amazing landscape to see, fresh air and now we also know for sure that there is something deep carved in the mountain. What is this base? Who were those giants? Well there are many speculations, interpretations and so on, personally I would like to keep my focus on 33.

Thank you Charles and all the people that helped to better document these events.

Even the video from that recorded Romanian TV Show, has close to 33 minutes… !!! The Giants bones dated with carbon they said there are around 1000 years old.. but is better to wait for some scientific answer. Anyway great place to visit.

Any connection with the Prometheus movie from 2012?

Be very careful that there are also a lot of sci-fi around these subjects, human inventions, suppositions, interpretations and so on.. is up to your own mind to seek for the REALITY, me, I only ask questions…


Best regards, John



One thought on “Roswell, Romania, The Giants and the “magic” cycle of 33”

  1. I also consistently see the number 33 which began a few months prior to my 33rd birthday(36 yrs. old now and its more consistent than ever)… Before that, Id say a couple weeks, I started to, as you put it “manically” research spirituality, synchronicities and other things of that nature… Ever since I was 14 I’ve studied astrology so for me the subject material I was researching I was somewhat familiar with and I’ve always been the type who loves to read and research but it did, my researching, at that time become quite obsessive… It was a hunger that could not be satisfied… Its been 3 years and I’m still searching, gaining new insights daily, and most of all, finding peace within myself and even better, being able to be nothing other than me 🙂 It still shocks me to realize how adept I was at being who others expected me to be…I must say, I’m happy I clicked the link to your website… A lot of what you say resonates and makes perfect sense to me… I guess that means Ill be going to the lunatic hospital with you lol 🙂

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