Leonardo da Vinci drawing helicopters at 33 years old!

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Leonardo da vinci portret

Hello world, we all know Leonardo da Vinci, but from what I saw in many documentary movies, not many tried to put into his shoes, into his mind, his personal life, his emotions in order to better understand why Leonardo was so maniac to study so many different domains of activity. What he was looking for? Why did he was so scared and he hidden so many messages in his art work?

My answers are simple.. he somehow managed to saw the future with his brilliant mind that did connection that only a few can do.. he got so scared because he was aware that no one will really understood what he saw.. but he had this unstoppable desire to let something useful after his death for the future generations. After 500+ years, we will look like stupid people in comparison with him, how do we deal with this fact?

There are people on this planet even today, that don’t know what happens with the SUN in the night time.. and trust when I say.. that there are many people like this… Where our Education systems are failing? Where?

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Christopher Columbus found his real destiny at 33 years old?

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Christopher Columbus thanks to Romanian wikipedia author unknown
Christopher Columbus portret author unknown

Hello world! Today I would like to speak my mind a bit, about the genius mind, passion and faith of Christopher Columbus.

According to Romanian version of WikiPedia the name of this amazing navigator can be also translated as Cristobal (the one that has Jesus in him); Colon: that means the Holy Spirit or the Pigeon. These can be an explanation for the signature of Columbus prior to 1492 year, that can be read as Xpo Ferens (The Porter of Christ).

We can read also here a more detailed explanation of Columbus signature:

Me, I’ve learn to look simpler into the things.. from my point of he choose that signature because his first name Christopher starts with “Christ” in many different languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc

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Albert Einstein epiphany at 33 years old?

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Picture thanks to wikipedia
Albert Einstein mystery

Hello world, today I would like to discuss my point of view about Albert Einstein, we all own him a lot…

Albert Einstein 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955

Now, I’m very amateur in Numerology and Astrology, but what I know is that in both domains, the date of birth is very important.

You can read more and get informed from this website:

From what I understood we basically sum up each number of the birthday to determine a person possible life path.
Let’s look a bit what was going on in Albert Einstein life and after that you decide how mind blowing are these facts.

1. Birthday
14/03/1879 we sum up 1+4+0+3+1+8+7+9=33

2. Death
18/04/1955 we sum up 1+8+0+4+1+9+5+5=33

Interesting right? Now let’s see what Albert said about his work related to the Theory of Relativity, according to this website:

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Vissarion, modern Jesus? “Mental Disorder”? or both?

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Vissarion image thanks to Davide Monteleone

Hello world,

Today I will present you Vissarion, on his real name Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop born January 14, 1961

In the psychiatric world he will be a man with a mental disorder and probably doctors would give him pills for life.. at least in my country Romania.. not sure about other countries. Vissarion might have either Bipolar Disorder or Mystical Delirium or both, according to Medicine. For me Vissarion is a MAN that had the courage to follow his dreams and he tried as much as he could to help others find their peaceful life in his dream. His people call him “The Teacher”, in 13 years more than 50.000 people are following his teachings, how beautiful is that? Peace, Harmony, No Money.. they even believe in Aliens, however I do not believe in Apocalyptic scenarios.. Vissarion if he is a Bipolar, he amplifies also the negative emotions and his mind is basically make from a smaller thing a very big one, but than if we look to the reality from various countries… his amplifications are not that sci-fi.. there are still plenty of countries on this planet where Apocalypse is happening as you read my texts.

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Jesus birth was on 33 B.C. fact or not?

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Jesus before crucifixion, thanks to Adryan from deviantart
Jesus before crucifixion, thanks to Adryan from deviantart

According to Aristeo Canlas Fernando study Jesus was born on 23 May 33 B.C., we can read from his study:

“Jesus was born in the evening of May 23, 33 BC in Bethlehem after midnight. The Holy Spirit revealed this date. The first visitors of Jesus were the shepherds who were looking after their flock in the field that night. An angel announced to them the birth of a Savior, who is Christ the Lord and who they could find in the city of David wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger (a manger is the eating or feeding trough in a stable).

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