My Faith

I’ve been an Agnostic till 2013, instinctively I felt that there might be something out there, but would have been impossible for my retarded brain to figure it out. On 30.03.2013 I managed somehow to mix my conscious mind with the subconscious, I felt like a field of energy around my head and even parts of the body, my forehead started to beat like a heart.. pulsations and incredible energy. I’ve started to write like a maniac and I couldn’t stop for 7 days.. I was trying to sleep.. no chance.. after 1-2 hours I was up and writing again. Because at that time my mind wasn’t able to provide me answers to what is happening.. why my brain does such high connections.. I took the things on the Religion side.. Christianity religion, even if I was not a Religious guy, but I chilled down after I discovered that I have bipolar disorder and I tried to find my Faith like a scientist or philosopher. Soon after that I research a lot on the web to see if there are more like me.. and I found thousands of people.. when I realized that I am not alone.. I was able to make peace with me.

For me what is more important is that I was able to find a form of FAITH, that I believe 100%.

I’m a fan of Erich von Däniken theory with Ancient Aliens, but I pushed the limit even more and I will try to explain why. An advanced civilization that is able to travel through the Universe it may be plausible that they could have interfere somehow in our genes to help us achieve consciousness faster, for what reason.. we don’t know yet. But my mind can’t stop asking this question.. their ethics would allow them to interfere in some other civilization evolution? if so, why?

My theory and my faith is a bit different, I wonder what if future us, returned in time, in various key points of human evolution and interfere just a bit in order to speed up the Evolution. Future us, trying to fix past mistakes, for a purpose. For what purpose.. I don’t know and I will probably never find out.

To better explain, I supposed in my mind that a very advanced civilization should have very high ETHICS. Normally their ethics should not allow them to interfere directly into a civilization or another.  Related to US, I observed our behavior, for example our actions to protect the Nature, we started to create National Reservations in order to protect what was left to protect.. we tried not to interfere much in this areal, mostly just to observe and only take action if things go dramatically wrong. But in the same time we do experiments on Primates and many other living organisms. We noticed that a very educated Primate can become very very smart. Now I’m wondering if in some decades we manage to become immortals by science, cybernetic immortality and after 100 years more we decide to travel into space, we will become or not like GODS for an educated Primate?

Would GOD/GODS may apply same ideas with US? Slight interventions just to put us on the right track? Our immortality would be the right track?

I tried to project my mind thousands of years in the future on the scale of Evolution, we recently discover thanks to Einstein that we might be able to travel in the future. Sooner or later, someone will also discover how to travel in the past. We see each day how maniacs we are to discover the truth about lost civilizations but we often fail to properly understand what they really meant, what we do are more or less interpretation but we can never be sure that our interpretations are 100% accurate, not to talk about the things that were lost. Future US might  have the same desires.. to discover the TRUTH, but they will realize that is impossible without talking and seeing literally the persons behind various theories, artwork and so on. So in order to find the truth about Jesus, they will have to talk with Jesus, in order to really decode Leonardo da Vinci work they will have to literally talk with him etc..

After some long debates they will decide that is Ethical to also wake up these people.. again debates around why we shouldn’t wake up all especially that our technologies are so advanced that we can keep the entire humanity  in small “hard drive” so to say. Sooner or later they will decide that is the proper thing to do.. because without us they wouldn’t existed.

In order to not scare the shit out of us.. they will probably create some virtual reality adapted to each individual self beliefs, religion and so on to make the transition easier.

But, what if these things already happened?

You see my faith is in people.. and even if we don’t succeed, the simple fact that we existed, we created things each and single day.. it might attract curiosity of other civilization that would be eager to learn more about us.

This is the main reason why I don’t have many fears anymore, I was able to find a form of Faith that is suitable for who I am.

If we assume that the planet is destroyed today, the planet still exist yesterday, actually nothing is lost…If some individual die today he will still be alive yesterday.. this is my personal belief. Remember that I am a “lunatic” person so don’t take my theories for granted, what I say is just basic philosophy.

Once again, remember that these are just some theories.. my Faith, not yours .. don’t take as an absolute truth because the history show us clearly that even genius minds were wrong or their creation had “bugs”. The others corrected those “bugs” or improved the initial theory. I am not  a genius mind, I choose to consider myself “retarded” my entire life, I ask questions and share my stupidity with you. I am also convinced that things are even more complex than what I tried to define. In the future I will try to bring more arguments to such theory.

Remember that LOVE is the answer and let life to take it’s natural path.


I ask this question again. What if Future us are trying to fix past us? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Best regards, John



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