Christopher Columbus found his real destiny at 33 years old?

Christopher Columbus thanks to Romanian wikipedia author unknown
Christopher Columbus portret author unknown

Hello world! Today I would like to speak my mind a bit, about the genius mind, passion and faith of Christopher Columbus.

According to Romanian version of WikiPedia the name of this amazing navigator can be also translated as Cristobal (the one that has Jesus in him); Colon: that means the Holy Spirit or the Pigeon. These can be an explanation for the signature of Columbus prior to 1492 year, that can be read as Xpo Ferens (The Porter of Christ).

We can read also here a more detailed explanation of Columbus signature:

Me, I’ve learn to look simpler into the things.. from my point of he choose that signature because his first name Christopher starts with “Christ” in many different languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc

Also from my point of view a man could not accomplish so many things without a form of Faith and a lot of passion and trust in his own mind. This kind of crazy passion is often seen in people with Bipolar Disorder and in Mystics of the present. While in present we have pills like Lithium and Sodium Valproate, 500+ years ago they didn’t had such things.

What was amazing for me is that Christopher started to be maniac about his ideas at exactly 33 years old. We don’t know exactly the date of his birth, but we know the year and possible month. August to October 1451 this means that in 1484 he was 33 years old.

Now according to historical facts we know that he first presented his “crazy” ideas about his expeditions, to King of Portugal in 1484 at exactly 33 years old… in same year his wife died. Columbus was rejected, plus his wife death… that meant huge DRAMA in his life. Any so called SANE person, would have quit that moment, especially that Columbus had the financial comfort to live a happy life without STRESS. But not Columbus, something was telling him.. that he has to go in this expedition, and that something was the FAITH, the VISIONS that his mind created or the vision that something implanted in his MIND, something or SOMEONE…This “crazy” faith could not let him to QUIT, he moved to Spain he earned trust of some very important persons and from that moment we know the story.

I can tell all this being maybe 99% sure of what I am saying because as I am being also bipolar, I often feel that I am touched by Christ even if my scientific mind is telling me that I am not right and only my mind is generating these feelings. When I am in HYPO-MANIA a state of mind very very very powerful, I feel like a field of energy around my head, like an AURA, and you can’t image how fast my neuronal synapses are in those moments. Same like Christopher I can’t quit my ideas, even if are crazy for everyone around me, no matter what I do, no matter how much Sodium Valproate I put into me, my mind is still telling me to research more and more and more into the magic of 33.

What you think was Christopher Columbus a man with bipolar-disorder or is just my imagination trying to solve the puzzle of my mind?

Thank you Christopher.


Best regards, John



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