Hello everyone, I will try to explain a bit why I started this website and some words about the theories I speak about.

To keep it short and not repeat myself too much in each page, something very important happened in my life with around 15 days before my 33 years old birthday. That something was so amazing that I lost control of emotions and I exploded emotionally in a negative way… I tried to keep Positivity but because my friends were looking too me very funny, I got angry and I started to tell what I believed is not optimal in their lives (SINS), for a few hours I saw myself as a modern John the Baptist, John Connor.. I was telling the Truth seen true my eyes but I was hurting a lot of people feelings with my words. My friends called the Ambulance, with them I was very calmed, but acting again like a modern John the Baptist.. they sent me directly to a Psychiatry Institution.. in my country these institutions are like 50+ years ago… old mentalities.. pills and injections first.. rarely talking with the patients. I felt traumatized by this due to my bipolar disorder that amplify everything, and for a period I had this crazy desire to prove to the Doctors and Assistants that they were wrong with their diagnostic and treatment. I used pacifist methods, visiting the hospital often, talking with them, helping other patients as I could etc. I even tried to implement wireless internet in the entire hospital on my expenses, but I’ve hit a post-communist mentality.. words like.. “Mister Ionut, please let us eat”.. I know they are wrong.. but I also know that will be very very hard to change their mentality, the economical situation is so strange in Romania that many many people simple don’t have the time anymore to learn what is Love, Empathy and so on. Of course not all of them were like that.. some of the Doctors and Assistants were very nice with me, but in terms of Social aspects, in terms of Spirituality they were again acting very strange from my point of view.

I felt by instinct that their diagnostic and treatment was not optimal, so as soon as I arrived home I started to research like a maniac, each day, several hours, why I lost control of emotions (beside the fact that I was insomniac for 7 days). I made an intensive research for over 6 months almost every day. I was looking into other people life to see if something special, emotional, happened in their life around 33 years old. I made my research on over 1000+ people across the entire planet, what I discovered for me is amazing and I am sure it can be also explained by science near the future.

For me is already clear that something is happening in human brain at around 33 years old, but only a few are managing to find their true path in life. People with bipolar disorder that manage not to go on the negative side of the things, usually stands out from the crowd because of their incredible power to sacrifice their personal life for a GOAL, a PURPUSE.

I published drafts of my research online, in Romanian language, but the place was not that optimal as it is an adult oriented community, most of the people wanting more to enjoy life and not to think too much at existential questions. I got some feedback from few people but in the rest of the time I was speaking more or less alone.

I said in my mind that is pity for such research to be lost, so I decided to make a separate website for this research and other things that I want to share with people in a hope that will be helpful for someone, maybe other people with bipolar disorder and those that are looking for various answers related to their existence.

Beside 33 Theory I will also try to support the Cybernetic Immortality Project from in my spare time, because the main reason I lost control of emotions that day was because my mind made this connection alone.. without any previous research.. just by observing very well human behavior. I lost control because I realized it can happen in my life time, so I was so enthusiastic about it, that I became very very protective and a bit “dictatorial” with my family and friends, trying to protect them, to teach them the good ways and so on. This was a huge responsibility in my mind but also had become a huge burden so I had to find other type of theory that would keep me on the right track.

Next connection that was done by my mind was what I call Agnostic Theory based on Evolution and Science. I believe that in the future human kind will become very very ethical and they will want to discover the real TRUTH about everything, including the PAST. The only way to do this scientifically speaking is to return literally in time and harvest every piece of information, including human minds.

This connection basically helped me to find my form of Faith, to be able to function properly in my circle of friends and in the society.

I believe also in advanced civilizations but in my mind, I think that a very advanced civilization will also have high ETHICS and these Ethics will not let them interfere in our Evolution, unless is mandatory, and till know it wasn’t.

Things are more complex than this, but as I am not being a native English person, is hard for me to find the proper words to explain, but I will try. Information is not lost in this Universe, is just the illusion that is lost. Information is also carried in genes, but only a few can decode it, usually genius people. To be able to unblock your mind and the power of your brain, a person has to study like a maniac a lot of different domains of activity more or less like Leonardo da Vinci did. We think that everything we study we forget, but this is not TRUE, the brain is capable to retain all information, is just that we forget in order to protect ourselves. If one individual manage with training to combine the conscious mind with subconscious mind it will have access to almost entire information of his brain, this is why some people can make incredible neuronal connections. This is what I did, but without intention, I didn’t knew what I was doing… that’s another reason I got also scared (not only enthusiastic). It was a combination of enthusiasm with fear in the day when I lost control of emotions.

After 6 months of intensive training, I am able to induce the state of hyper-mania, create things that I wouldn’t be able to create while in normal state, after that I sleep, when I wake up all is good.

I also had to isolate myself a bit from very Negative people, because no matter how much I explain to them to keep Positivity, they can’t understand that I am very very sensitive to human emotions, so they harm my feelings in a Negative way and they can’t realize. I can resist a lot to Negative emotions, but I have also some limits. In present I smoke more than 60 cigarettes per day and I sleep an average of 5 hours per day. The only way to quit smoking and to be able to sleep more is by consuming the energy that I have in me.. starting to do again some sports.. eating less and more optimal, to have a life without much stress and also to have a life setup for a goal not directly for Money, because for me after My Epiphany, Money has become obsolete for my mind. They are required in the modern society, also for my family and so on.. but for me money are like the toilet paper.

Not even my fiance can fully understand me, so I am in a very sensitive situation, she tries but is very hard. I have to change myself in relation with her, basically to be more responsible for her health and quit smoking for her, not for me.. it pity for our 10+ years relationship to end up suddenly because I fail often to be close to her when needed. After I consider this project that has a shape, I will stop being a workaholic and I hope that I will start to put more passion also on my personal life because I don’t want to be ALONE and because I LOVE my fiance a lot, we should have get married long time ago, but we are that type of couple that don’t find some papers mandatory to keep us together.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards, John



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